News 21-02-2024
Youth are more than the future, they are the present
Opening the door to politics for and with young people As NIMD, we believe that…
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News 16-01-2024
Politieke Participatie: Voor en met Jongeren
Jongeren moeten een stem hebben in beslissingen van de toekomst. Hoe kunnen jongeren een betekenisvolle…
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Blog 11-01-2024
Facilitating political dialogue to strengthen democracy
NIMD team member, and Dialogue theme lead, Dr. Violet Benneker was interviewed in the recent…
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Opinion & analysis 22-12-2023
Guatemala: An atypical electoral process
NIMD Guatemala Country Director Claudia Maselli reflects on the current situation in Guatemala and the…
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Stories 19-12-2023
Putting Indigenous women at the centre of peace building processes: A story from Guatemala
The Peace Accords signed between the Guatemalan Government and the leftist guerrilla represented by the…
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Opinion & analysis 23-11-2023
Democracy Drinks The Hague: Disrupting Democracies
For the September edition of the #DemocracyDrinks The Hague we were happy to be joined…
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News 08-11-2023
Celebrating the First Graduates of the Uganda Democracy Academy
"Investing in the Uganda Democracy Academy is a deliberate and strategic endeavour aimed at nurturing…
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News 07-11-2023
Campaigning for a Different Climate | Vote on 22 November
Recent research reveals that almost half of the Dutch population views the upcoming elections on…
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News 25-09-2023
#DemocracyDrinks: Disrupting Democracies
photo: OSCE/Katya Andrusz Russia’s full-scale attack on Ukraine is symptomatic of the broader tensions in…
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