Democracy Is…


Democracy is hearing every voice. It’s about inclusive decision making and considering different opinions.

Multiple parties

Democracy is having a real choice. It’s about political parties presenting clear and distinct policies.


Democracy starts with dialogue. It’s about working together in an atmosphere of trust and mutual acceptance.

Peaceful elections

Democracy is having free and fair elections. It’s about not being afraid to go out and vote.


Democracy is putting the people first. It’s about responsible and transparent politicians.

Democracy around the world is under attack. This campaign underlines the value and importance of democracy. Because, despite the challenges, no other political system gives us the same protection, opportunities and freedom. Democracy gives people a real say; it means they are included in the important decisions in their country or communities, and can make their voices heard through dialogue – rather than violence.

Democracy… don’t take it for granted.

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Democracy, to me, is a decision taken by people on the basis of good information and a high-quality conversation.

Mike Hind

Democracy, to me, means conversation, and often conversations that are hard to have but necessary.

Adrienne Massanari

To me, democracy often means compromise between various groups of people and cultures. We don’t all think the same on everything and so it’s about trying to get along in a very basic sense. That’s what democracy means to me.

My subreddit Change My View tries to encourage that mentality.

Kal Turnbull

Democracy is about being able to have a conversation. For so long, traditional politics have allowed for a one-way conversation only. So the moment that dialogue takes place and there is participation in idea-making. This is where democracy really happens.

Maya Saikali

Democracy, to me, is about ordinary people having control over their own destinies, both collectively and individually. It’s about real control over your own destiny and the world around you in coalition and collectively with other people.

It’s not just about feeling involved or feeling listened to. And it’s not about consultation. It’s about who controls what and who has the power.

Michael Chessum
About Us

The Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) is a democracy assistance organization that supports political parties in developing democracies. Our approach is characterized by interparty dialogue: we bring parties together and encourage them to cooperate on political issues. This is crucial to establish the right environment for a country’s democratic development.