Election Manifesto Development training in Jordan: How to develop clear policy positions

As part of the EU-funded EU-JDID programme, NIMD conducted a four-day Training of Trainers (ToT) in cooperation with Jordan’s Ministry of Political & Parliamentary Affairs this week.

Entitled “Election Manifesto Development”, the training focused on helping political parties’ develop and communicate clear principles and policy positions. In addition, the training delved into the concept of strategic planning withing parties, outlining its benefits and how it relates to manifesto development.

The ToT is the first step of a process initiated by NIMD with a selected number of political parties. As part of this process, the consultants who have been trained at this event will work within their parties to develop to enhance their skills in areas such as manifesto development, strategic planning, campaign management, and fundraising.


The EU-JDID programme is financed by the European Union.