Political parties in fragile and conflict-affected settings often emerge from armed movements. Their reconversion process has a profound impact on their performance and attitude towards democratic politics. Parties converting from armed movements are shaped, in part, by the legacies of conflict and warfare. Programmes focused on disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration of members of armed movements further affect the socio-political dynamics of these organizations and their potential future roles in politics.

NIMD is a leading organization in political party capacity building. We work with all the main political parties in fragile and conflict-affected settings. Through long-term assistance, we are able to build the capacities of former armed movements and allow them to gain practical political skills and experience as political parties.

Schools of Politics in Myanmar

In Myanmar, NIMD has begun to set up a series of state- and regional-level Schools of Politics. The schools provide multiparty platforms in which parties engage and cooperate, but also serve as institutes to bring democratic skills and expertise to politicians from diverse political backgrounds. In a setting where political distrust between parties is high and political capacities are weak, the schools contribute to strengthening democratic capacities, helping parties in their conversion to genuine political parties. At the beginning of 2015, NIMD successfully completed its first School of Politics in the Tanintharyi region, and will expand into additional areas in 2015 and beyond.