Strategic Partnership on Lobby and Advocacy with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

NIMD is a strategic partners of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) for their lobby and advocacy programme. The subsidy framework for this programme is called ‘Dialogue and Dissent’.

The Strategic Partnership programme aims to strengthen civil society organizations in low- and middle-income countries in their role as advocates and lobbyists. CSOs can only operate effectively if politicians are open to their input and able to translate their arguments and wishes into actual policy decisions. That is where NIMD comes in: we work on enhancing and facilitating the dialogue between civic and political actors.

The NIMD-MFA Programme is called “Conducive Environment for Effective Policy Influencing” and started in January 2016. The programme will be implemented over a period of five years (2016-2020). In addition to NIMD, 24 other strategic partners have been selected by the MFA for their Strategic Partnership programme.

NIMD started out this programme in consortium with AWEPA. However, due to AWEPA’s serious financial problems, NIMD has annulled its contract with AWEPA under the Strategic Partnership programme.


The following country programmes of NIMD are part of the Strategic Partnership Programme with the Dutch MFA: Benin, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, UgandaZimbabwe, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Myanmar.