The development of democratic systems in settings where political distrust and polarisation persist, requires a modicum of trust between former enemies in order to make interparty cooperation viable. Supporting appropriate trust-building processes demands knowledge of the institutional context and the actors involved combined with tactful diplomacy and high-end mediation skills.

Based on its sound track record and multiple years of experience in facilitating interparty dialogue, NIMD and its network of international facilitation experts and trusted local partners facilitate dialogue and mediate between ruling and opposition parties and, through this process, invest in building political trust.

Building trust between political rivals in Mali

In the aftermath of the 2012 coup d’état and the resulting political crisis in Mali, new political actors and coalitions emerged, including political parties, religious organizations, trade and workers’ unions and other civil society organizations. NIMD has helped set up a broad, inclusive platform for these organizations to meet and discuss a ‘road map’ out of the crisis. Between 2012 and the first elections held in 2013, the platform organized three major meetings which eventually led to a joint position statement, enhancing dialogue and trust between key civil society actors and creating a common language for finding a way out of the conflict in Mali.