Women suffer disproportionally from wartime violence. At the same time, women have made enormous contributions to peacebuilding and democratization in fragile and conflict-affected settings. Building on the international community’s recognition of the important role of women as peace builders, it is important to include women’s participation prominently in the support work for political parties in these settings. This requires significant efforts to protect women from violence and to ensure more influence of women on different peace and security issues.

NIMD has developed a specific toolkit to promote women’s political participation. This is also applied in fragile and conflict-affected settings to promote their participation and ensure their effective influence on peace and security processes.


In Latin America, NIMD has facilitated dialogue between political parties in order to educate politicians on the need for and use of national action plans (NAPs) to comply with UN Security Council Resolution 1325. We have financed and facilitated the creation of NAPs in El Salvador, Colombia and Honduras. In addition, in 2015, NIMD formulated general recommendations for electoral bodies and political parties to guarantee the safety of female candidates, reduce systematic violence towards female politicians, candidates and activists, and facilitate women’s access to political parties.