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La democracia para mi es el poder del pueblo para tomar decisiones y hacer cambios libremente ante la sociedad que pertenescamos

Erika Beatriz Castillo Orellana

La democracia es, ha sido y debe seguir siendo el poder del pueblo; es decir mi poder, el poder mi vecino, nuestro poder como sociedad

Nelson Alvarado Palma
Democracy to me is to be able to speak your mind without any fear of repercussions.
Patrick de Regt

Democracy is being able to make your own choices but also about evolving and accepting changes.

Léa Herveleu

The pleasures of representation, participation and liberty may be the more direct, daily privileges of democracy. But I think that, reduced to the core, it’s the security of rule of law and confidence in due process that make me trust and appreciate democracy more than any other form of governance.

Jerome Scheltens

For me, democracy means that the basic human rights and freedoms I enjoy can be equally enjoyed by everyone in my society.

Julia Vonk

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