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Democracy is: hearing every voice & weighing arguments rather then counting votes.

Wim Nusselder

Democracy is just a way of representation, decision making. It means nothing for the truth or the moral standard. So, democracy should be subordinate to 1. individual rights and 2. scientific review.

David Dirkse

Democracy goes beyond its mere etymology. It is the fragile result of the conundrum between the allocation of power to the people and the limitation of this very power by rule of law, protection of minority rights, freedom of speech and information. This is the acceptation we have to stand up for.

Marine C. Gaillard

Democracy means creating a culture where voice of all walk of life is valued as an instrument for change and it is a journey so the journey toward democracy is constant, but absolutely necessary.

Amila Bogahawatta

Democracy is equality, tolerance and consensus building. It means the football field is leveled for all the players

Virginia García Beaudoux

Democracy is a vital factor for citizens to enjoy their rights and privileges. It doesn’t mean that you are entitled to do everything what you want. It can be sweet or bitter depend on the way you deal with democracy.

Niroshana Chaminda

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