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Democracy means space for everybody to be heard, and to be taken seriously! It means sharing power and a rule of law.

Roelof van Laar

Democracy is… a fully accountable government under the rule of law, where those in government power are themselves subject to the rule of law. That is essential.. And that unifies different democratic systems.

Joris Voerhoeve, former Dutch Minister

A democracy means to me that there will be freedom and protection for minorities and fugitives in society. It means that there will be freedom of speech even when your opinion is not the same as that of the government or other institutions. It means that the laws in a democracy ought to be strict but fair and there ought to be possibilities to change these laws if they become old fashioned. A democracy means to me, that you can’t be forced to think in another way if you overthink your opinion and can explain why your considerations are right. In a democracy the government is not allowed to torture prisoners

Margriet van Engelen
Adalberto llinas

Democracy is respect for others

Miguel A. Castañeda

Democracy is transparency and cooperation

Pray Thein

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