What do others think?

Democracy is participation. Democracy is about engagement. It’s about equal opportunities, about the changes available to everybody. So I believe in democracy.

Tamar Khulordava

Democracy is a chance for all people to help their countries, for the common good (without excluding anyone). It comes with openness towards the rest of the world and by banning all sorts of extremism (religious in particular).

Rabia Arfa

Democracy is like a garden with thousands of flowers of different colours. It this difference in colours which makes its richness. We are different but we have to learn to live together in peace, despite these differences.

Samar Zaidi

Democracy is freedom is respect. Without democracy no freedom. No freedom without respect. No respect means no freedom. No freedom means mo democracy.

Felix Gruijters

Democracy is fair distribution of resources and free and fair social justice..

Shadrack Ndegwa

Where the practice of democracy extends to the people on the ground so to empower their daily lives in an environment of peace and security knowing that their efforts will bear fruit for them and their families and by extension the country and bring cooperation to other countries, consequently.

Ruth Temple-Murray

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