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Es el poder de las mayorías, ejercido a través de sus representantes, pero sin menoscabo de las minorías. No es una cuestión solo de cantidad sino de calidad, implica el respeto de unos mínimos: la dignidad humana y los derechos humanos.

Patricia Navarro

Democracia es garantizar y promover el empoderamiento de las mujeres (incluyendo la erradicación de la Violencia contra las Mujeres), que garantice un ambiente propicio para tomar decisiones sobre sus vidas, expresarse y ser parte de las decisiones comunitarias y nacionales sobre sus derechos, sin barreras de género. #equidaddegénero

Gabriela Flores

Es libertad de expresión aunque lo que yo diga no te guste, es respeto a los derechos humanos, es independencia de poderes, es respeto a nuestra constitución. Democracia es INCLUSIÓN.

Xiomara Sierra

Democracy is a form of governance where individuals are elected to represent a group of people living in a given geographical region. Individuals elected should be allowed to exercise their powers and execute their duties after the completion of the election exercise. A democratic process doesn’t only cover the voting process but the whole election process. A free and fair election is characterized by peaceful campaigns, freedom to select a candidate without fear of consequences and transparency. Losers are expected to concede defeat and assume the oversight role to the winning party. The winning party is expected to act fairly to both partisans and non-partisan of the election process and engage everyone in their governance. This process ensures easy and smooth transition of power.

Isaac Muturi Mwaura

Democracy is the aspiration of people hopes where they chant, demand and act for the rights they are deprived of. It is an evolutionary process, it doesn’t happen drastically

Khawaja Salman Farsi

Democracy is about people. It’s a system where people’s voices matter, where everybody is equal, where women participate in politics, and where decisions are tailor-made to everyday citizen. That’s democracy. It’s a bottom-up process not a top-down one, and not a one-man rule.

Tinatin Bokuchava
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