Diversity and Gender Equality


An inclusive democracy means that all citizens should feel represented and be heard. However, many political parties across the globe structurally exclude minority and marginalized groups. As a result, the political representation, participation and leadership of women, young people, and members of indigenous and other groups remains low.

That is why diversity and gender equality are important focal points in NIMD’s work. Through our programmes we aim to contribute to the active participation of all groups in society and the equal distribution of power and influence between women and men, regardless of their age, gender, religion, sexual orientation or ethnic background.

We work with a number of global partners in the field of inclusion, and NIMD is a proud member of the LEAP4Peace Consortium, which supports women in Myanmar, Colombia and Burundi so they can play a meaningful role in political leadership, conflict resolution, and peace building.

NIMD is also a signatory to the Women, Peace and Security and Humanitarian Action Compact, an inclusive global movement calling for the redesign of peace and security and humanitarian processes to systematically and meaningfully include women and girls.

Roadmap to inclusive political parties

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Heleen Schrooyen
Senior Advisor Strategic Relations