NIMD works at the heart of politics, supporting actors from across the political spectrum, and empowering politicians to contribute effectively to sustainable development. We have different strategies that help us do this: We promote dialogue, we strengthen the capacities of political actors and parties, and we train (aspiring) politicians in our Democracy Schools.

Certain themes and focus areas run through our work, including promoting peace in fragile and conflict-affected settings, diversity and gender equality, and innovation.


Democracy starts with dialogue. That’s why NIMD sets up and facilitates safe and informal spaces where dialogue can take root and begin to thrive. Here, we bring together actors and movements from all political denominations, so that they may overcome barriers and build the foundations for working together.

Working with
political actors

NIMD works in countries where democracy is young and therefore still fragile. In many of these countries, political actors lack the skills and experience they need to fulfil their role. Therefore, NIMD helps political parties build their capacity in areas such as policy analysis, manifesto drafting and democratic candidate selection.


Every democracy needs democrats. At NIMD, we set up Democracy Schools around the world where both established and aspiring politicians learn democratic values. By teaching future leaders skills such as how to speak, listen and debate with mutual respect, we help empower the next generation to put their political values into practice in line with needs of their country.

Fragile and Conflict
Affected Settings

A democratic culture is one that promotes peace. By working across political divides in fragile and conflict affected settings, we hope to build bridges and end old rivalries. This is how our work builds peace and gives a voice to the disenfranchised.

Diversity and
gender equality

Effective democracies reflect the diversity of their citizens. NIMD strives to give marginalized groups a seat at the table. From planning our dialogue platforms and democracy schools to democratizing candidate selection, diversity and gender equality is at the heart of all our projects.


Today's political dilemmas require modern ideas. At NIMD we help local political actors, at every level of society, as they build the democracies of tomorrow. We also consistently evaluate our own approach and tailor dynamic programmes that continue to respond to a country's changing needs over time.


Our work reaches countries around the world, each with their own complex political history and diverse communities. Starting with an in-depth analysis of the specific political context, we assess how we can use our unique portfolio and expertise to contribute to positive change. Then, together with our local partners, we develop a tailor-made approach to make that change a reality.

Since political change can come from many places, we work with the entire political spectrum in a country, from aspiring local politicians to national political leaders.

During the course of our programmes, we constantly monitor and evaluate our work. We want to build democracies that are future-proof, so we share our achievements and learn from our mistakes. Through this pioneering attitude, we hope to arrive at innovative and effective solutions with a long-term impact.

Our approach is non-partisan. We are not affiliated with any specific political denomination and work impartially with all parties across the political spectrum.
We provide a platform for discussion for both ruling and opposition parties. All parties take part in the dialogue on issues of national interest with an equal voice.
We encourage the equal participation and representation of marginalized groups. We empower representatives of these groups to take part in the policy-making process.
Local ownership
We work with our partners on an equal basis. Our programmes are locally set and reflect local demands.
Long-term commitment
Political transformation, building trust and strengthening political parties takes time. Therefore, we invest in long-lasting relationships with our local partners and political parties.