The role of the Netherlands towards Colombia: A webinar

For Dutch people, events in Colombia can seem far removed from our daily lives. How could a continent so far away have repercussions here in the Netherlands, nearly 9,000km away?

But Colombia is far closer to the Netherlands than many think.

Colombia is a neighbour of the Dutch, through its proximity to the Caribbean countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. And it is an important trading partner too. Coal and palm oil, among other things, are important Colombian raw materials that enter the port of Rotterdam.

In addition, Colombia and the Netherlands are long-term partners for peace and international justice.

But Colombia is also a country overcoming conflict, in which a Peace Agreement was signed only a few years ago. The corona crisis is also hit hard in Colombia: peace is under pressure, labour rights are being violated, and security has deteriorated.

What can the Netherlands do?

The online webinar

NIMD teamed up with CNV Internationaal and PAX to organize an online webinar on the relationship between the Netherlands and Colombia.

The event was moderated by NIMD’s Senior Advisor Strategic Relations Heleen Schrooyen, and explored the commitment of the Netherlands towards human rights and peace in Colombia.

In the run up to the Dutch General Elections, civil society experts and Members of Parliament came together to discuss this important topic.

Speakers included NIMD Director, Thijs Berman, and MPs Achraf Bouali (D66 party) and Tom van den Nieuwenhuijzen (GroenLinks party).


Read our joint report on COVID-19 in Colombia, by NIMD, CNV Internationaal and PAX.