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Moldova (INSPIRED Programme EU)


NIMD worked in Moldova from 2012 to 2014. During that period, Moldova had been undergoing significant political and institutional changes since the Communist Party stepped down in 2009 and was replaced by the Alliance for European Integration (AEI). The new regime, however, faced difficulties in establishing political stability, even with the support of the EU.

“Moldova 2020” is a seven-pillar development strategy for economic growth and poverty reduction. It is part of the reform process to achieve stability, democratization, and Europeanization of the country. Civil society actors are playing a crucial role in this process by stimulating citizen participation, but the implementation of these reforms have slowed down due to the lack of transparency and action from the Moldovan administration.

NIMD’s programme in Moldova

In 2012, a consortium of democracy support organizations led by the European Partnership for Democracy (EPD) signed on to assist the EU with the implementation of the Integrated Support Programme for Inclusive Reform and Democratic Dialogue (INSPIRED). NIMD, along with its partners in Tunisia and Georgia, is one of the organizations in the consortium. NIMD was involved with technical assistance, regular missions to Moldova, and participation in the steering committee of the programme.

Overall, the INSPIRED programme in Moldova aimed to contribute to the Moldova 2020 Strategy objective of improving the institutional and regulatory framework for enhancing the business and investment environment. To achieve this objective, our activities focused on strengthening and reinforcing the capacities of government actors and civil society to assist them in effectively implementing political and institutional reforms. This included creating a consultation process among the different stakeholders, creating a roadmap for the implementation of the provisions of the law, and building consensus and ownership among the different actors.

All in all, the desired impact of the programme was achieved: to create a culture of dialogue among different key stakeholders. NIMD’s programme in Moldova was terminated when the INSPIRED programme was completed.

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