Since each country has a different political system and culture, it is important that our programmes are suitable for each country. Over the years, NIMD has developed tailor-made instruments and activities to fit each country programme. Our activities are guided by five principles. In this section, we will look at our main activities and goals, and the strategies we use to reach these goals.

Our goal

NIMD believes that multiparty democracies create the best conditions for sustainable development. Thus, we want to make sure that the voice of the people counts, that government is accountable, and that policies benefit the common good. In other words,



Our strategy

To achieve this goal, NIMD assists political parties in developing democracies. We bring them together and encourage them to collaborate on political issues. We also work directly with parties to strengthen their organizational and programmatic capacities. And, last but not least, we foster a democratic culture by providing political education programmes.

This means that NIMD works on three levels: political system, actor, and culture level. Our three main strategies are designed to have an effect on only one level of change, but they are often interrelated and have an effect on other levels.


System level strategy

Facilitating interparty dialogue

On this level, we work to create an environment where political parties can operate according to their democratic role in society. In our view, it is important that political parties recognize the importance of an enabling environment where they can work together. Therefore, we bring political parties together to discuss the rules of the political game. In this process, we emphasize the importance of openness towards all parties as well as the need for clear and transparent regulations.


Actor level strategy

Capacity strengthening of political parties

The main strategy on the actor level is to support political parties in becoming responsive and accountable. This is done in a variety of ways. For instance, NIMD facilitates training on subjects such as how to write a manifesto. We also provide several tools. In addition to building so-called “programmatic capacities”, we also look at the organizational capacities of parties and help them build procedures for managing their finances, recruiting staff, and organizing internal elections.


Culture level strategy

Offering democracy education

All democracies need democrats. This means you have to make sure that current and aspiring politicians understand democratic values, such as accommodating other views, adherence to human rights and the rule of law, and diversity and mutual respect. NIMD provides democracy education programmes to promote these values and skills and to stimulate interaction between politicians and society.

NIMD’S goal and strategy visualized


Diversity and gender equality

Throughout our activities we focus specifically on issues around political participation and representation of women and other underrepresented groups. NIMD believes that diversity is one of the key elements of democracy.