The international Coronavirus outbreak has serious implications for democracy worldwide. In the #NeverLockdownDemocracy web series, the NIMD network takes a global view of how we can respond to the pandemic as we continue our work to protect democracy. View the full series, plus announcements from NIMD and its partners, in the list below. Remember to follow @WeAreNIMD on Twitter and the hashtag #NeverLockdownDemocracy to never miss a post.

Blog: What to prioritise when democracy is at risk


    By Kathleen Ferrier, NIMD Supervisory Council Member

    Three ways to protect democracy in times of crisis

Mali Update: Seeking Consensus in Commune V

    Dialogue at a safe distance in Mali


Blog: COVID-19 Emergency Responses and Protecting Democratic Space

    By Westminster Foundation for Democracy and NIMD

    The importance of post legislative scrutiny in a crisis


Blog: Learning from El Salvador’s Fake News Pandemic

    By Juan Meléndez, Executive Director NIMD El Salvador

    Is there a vaccine for fake news?


Statement: #DefendDemocracy – A Joint Call

    Statement issued by NIMD

    24 June 2020

Blog: Testing the Water for Online Dialogue in Myanmar

    By Charley Steur, Strategic Advisor NIMD Myanmar

    Why dialogue in the Myanmar context is so important


Blog: When Crisis Hits, is the Time for Talk Over?

    By Violet Benneker, NIMD Knowledge Advisor

    How to keep dialogue going despite the lockdown


Opinion: Respect for Democracy is the Key

    First published in Vice Versa, May 2020

    NIMD calls on the EU to put democracy first


Blog: Colombia, Democracy, and Crises made worse by Corona

    By Ángela Rodriguez, Executive Director NIMD Colombia

    Could democracy become a casualty too?


Blog: Elections in the time of COVID-19

    By Shaun Mackay, External Advisor

    Proceed, postpone, or pull the plug?


Tunisia Update: Keeping the Dialogue Alive

    How NIMD’s programme in Tunisia is adapting to Coronavirus



Statement: EU Corona Budget Needs to Prioritize Democracy

  Joint statement from European Partnership for Democracy


Blog: My Five Stages of Grief for Democracy Work in the Pandemic

    By Mirjam Tjassing, Sahel Regional Director

  Could the pandemic make or break democracy work worldwide?


Blog: No activities, so no results? Perhaps not!

    By Nic van der Jagt, PM&E Advisor

  How to capture results after the Corona lockdown?

Kenya Update: Ensuring Citizen Oversight During the Pandemic

    How NIMD’s programme in Kenya is adapting to
    the coronavirus


Blog: Quenching a Thirst for Democracy

    By Heleen Schrooyen, Senior Advisor Strategic Relations

What does the COVID-19 crisis mean for people in Central America?

Tunisia Update: First Online Training Pilot Launched

    How NIMD’s programme in Tunisia is adapting to Coronavirus



Honduras Update: Exploring the Consequences of COVID-19

    NIMD’s programme in Honduras adapts to Coronavirus


Statement: Democratic Principles in a Time of Crisis

    Joint statement on Coronavirus from the European Partnership
    for Democracy


Statement: NIMD Responds to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

    Statement issued by NIMD
    19 March 2020