Middle East policy: Opportunities and choices for the Netherlands

Ongoing conflict across the Middle East is affecting many lives, causing hunger, fear and destitution, impeding development and threatening global stability. And while European countries and the United States have been trying for many years to bring peace and stability back to the region through civilian and military intervention, this seems to have had little effect.

Faced with this situation, what kind of policy should the Netherlands develop towards the Middle East region? Is an interventionist strategy the best way to ensure peace? And, if so, what form should this strategy take in order to contribute to sustainable stability and democratization across the region?

On 7 June 2017, Nieuwspoort, together with NIMD and other partners, held a debate on the best way forward for the Netherlands regarding the conflicts in the Middle East region.

Panellists included Dutch MP Sadet Karabulut, former military and political scientist Martijn Kitzen, journalist Paul Brill and Director of PAX Jan Gruiters. They discussed the opportunities and choices for the Netherlands to promote peace in the Middle East and addressed the potential role of NGOs in the process.

This debate is part of a series of events entitled actualiteitendebat hosted by Montesquieu Instituut, Nieuwspoort, ProDemos, and the Filmhuis Den Haag. NIMD, PAX and the Grote Midden Oosten Platform are co-hosting the event.

With our new programme in Jordan starting up, NIMD was pleased to take this opportunity to share its views and debate the future of the region with other experts and members of the public.

Find out more or watch the full debate (in Dutch) here.