#InnDem2017 – Innovating Democracy: a transforming political landscape

NIMD is all set for the third edition of our Innovating Democracy event. This full-day interactive debate will take place on 30 November 2017 at Museon in The Hague.

This year has seen many new political actors gain power, and even win elections, with the help of social media and digital tools. It’s clear that the political landscape is shifting, and the use of democratic innovation to meet the needs of this new context is more pertinent than ever.

To discuss this shift, Innovating Democracy will bring together political parties and movements who have experience with cutting-edge political innovation.

A number of key questions will be addressed:

  • How does technology influence the public and political debate and behaviour?
  • Is technology empowering us to voice our opinions or is it providing a platform to disregard ethical boundaries?
  • Do tech companies have too much power to influence the political debate?
  • Where does technical innovation leave political parties?

The event will be a chance to take part in interesting debates and learn from leaders in the field of democratic innovation.

We invite you to take part in the discussion! To secure your place, or find out more about the programme, check out the Innovating Democracy website. (Limited places available, entry only upon prior registration).

The Innovating Democracy conference is a collaboration between NIMD, International IDEA and enabl.ist.