Democracy Drinks: Launching our networking event in The Hague

NIMD is proud to have joined forces with the Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC) to launch the new Democracy Drinks networking event in The Hague.  

Also held in cities including Washington DC, Berlin and Brussels, Democracy Drinks are a monthly informal event bringing together fellow thinkers, advocates, organizers and enthusiasts in The Hague’s pro-democracy space. Together, we will enjoy an evening of casual conversation, inspiration, collaboration and networking.

The inaugural Democracy Drinks were held on 3 September 2021 from 1600-1800 at the Nutshuis gardens in The Hague.


The format

After some short welcoming remarks by the hosts, the evening was all about making new contacts and catching up with people; testing ideas and planning new common initiatives; and finding moral support and inspiration.

We are happy that Alice Stollmeyer, director of Defend Democracy and the initiator of the Democracy Drinks networks, was able to join us to kick off the first event in our city.

We look forward to holding the next Democracy Drinks in The Hague in October.