Multi Annual Plan 2016-2020

Stronger parties.
Deeper democracy.

To ensure programmatic impact and organizational sustainability, NIMD has prepared a distinctive strategy and an organizational vision for the future, with well-defined unique selling points, a sound programme framework and a smart branding strategy. This has culminated in this multi-annual plan (MAP) entitled: Stronger parties, deeper democracy, which covers the period 2016-2020.

The MAP 2016-2020 defines four priorities:

  • Focus on NIMD’s core business (interparty dialogue and capacity strengthening) and primary target group (political parties) to safeguard that the (often) nascent results achieved in programme countries are further deepened and consolidated;
  • Specialization to further deepen NIMD’s knowledge and skills base regarding interparty dialogue and capacity strengthening and gradually evolve into a lead centre for political practitioners specialized in political system, actor and culture change;
  • Networking with southern partners and other strategic partners to further build and sustain relations and alliances in order to enlarge the scope, impact and effectiveness of NIMD’s work;
  • Diversification of the funding base to safeguard programmatic and organizational sustainability.

The backbone of the MAP 2016-2020 remains NIMD’s country programmes because NIMD is convinced that transformational change processes can only be realized and sustained through country programmes. That is, programmes based on strong local political networks and local implementing partners, informed by an in-depth political economy analysis.

To realize the priorities, the MAP 2016-2020 introduces four important new strategies:

  • Introduction of a Knowledge and Innovation Unit that enables NIMD to further invest in its knowledge and skills base by producing knowledge products and practical tools and instruments for its core target group.
  • A regional approach to be able to respond to regional trends and cross-border themes and issues that impact on NIMD’s country programmes. It will stimulate knowledge-sharing and exchange but also offer opportunities for positioning and fundraising at a regional level.
  • Global Partnership for Multiparty Democracy, which brings all NIMD’s local implementing partners and strategic partners into an institutionalized network to enhance the opportunities for sharing knowledge, positioning and joint fundraising.
  • Thematic focus on political innovation and gender and diversity as two lead themes in NIMD’s work.
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