NIMD’s organizational core is the programme team, which reports directly to NIMD’s Director of Programmes. Our programme managers set up, manage and monitor NIMD’s country programmes with our implementing partners. These country programmes are based on our established strategy and principles, and are always customized to meet specific conditions on the ground.

Implementation is carried out jointly with an independent partner organization. In accordance with our principle of local ownership, this independent partner can be an existing local organization, a specifically established Centre for Multiparty Democracy or a dedicated NIMD country office.

NIMD has a dedicated internal organization department consisting of financial programme officers and specialist support staff. This department’s main function is to back up each country programme with financial and administrative expertise. The department is managed by the Director of Finance and Business Operations.

The Executive Director, Director of Programmes and Director of Finance and Business Operations together make up NIMD’s Managerial Board. The Executive Director separately carries out all Executive Board functions.

Executive and managerial board

Managerial board

Programme Team

Senior programme managers

Programme managers

Financial programme officers

Juriaan Brouwer
Financial Programme Officer
+31 70 311 5038

PME, Fundraising and Communications

Internal Organization and Finance

Office management

Country representatives

Hermenegildo Mulhovo
Representative NIMD Mozambique
Patricia Navarro
Representative NIMD El Salvador
Cristhian Parreño
Representative NIMD Ecuador
Angela Rodriguez
Representative NIMD Colombia

External senior advisors

Augustin Cissé
Senior Advisor