NIMD is headquartered in The Hague, The Netherlands, where a focused team of around 25 people is based. NIMD also has several country offices, which function as implementing partners for country programmes and have local staff members. Currently, NIMD has country offices in Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Myanmar, and Uganda. NIMD also has a regional office for the Eastern European Neighbourhood which covers Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine.

The staff in The Hague is divided into three teams. These are: Team Programmes & Projects (P&P), Team Knowledge & Strategic Relations (K&S), and Team Finance & Support (F&S).

Management Team

The Management Team consists of Hans Bruning, Miranda Buitelaar, Karijn de Jong, and Wouter Dol. Hans Bruning is the Executive Director of NIMD. He is responsible for NIMD's overall strategy, vision, and focus to further grow as the leading organization on political party assistance. Hans Bruning also carries out all Executive Board functions.

Executive Director
Head of Team Programmes & Projects (Acting Director)
Head of Team Knowledge & Strategic Relations

Team Programmes & Projects

The Programmes & Projects team is responsible for the strategy, design, and implementation of all the NIMD programmes in the countries. Since local ownership is an important guiding principle within NIMD, the programmes are designed and implemented together with local partners in the countries. The team in The Hague makes sure that policy priorities are incorporated in the programmes and focuses on the overall coordination. Together with the partners, they also do in-country and, where relevant, regional fundraising.

In addition to country programmes, the team is also responsible for the acquisition and management of short-term projects. This team is managed by Karijn de Jong.

Team leader:

Head of Team Programmes & Projects (Acting Director)

Cluster Africa:

Senior Programme Manager
Programme Manager
Programme Officer
Arjan van der Waal
Programme Manager

Cluster Latin America & Asia:

Senior Programme Manager
Programme Manager

Cluster European Neighbourhood:

Programme Manager
Programme Manager

Coordinating tasks:

SP Coordinator
Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E) Coordinator
Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E) Officer
Africa Regional Representative

Team Knowledge & Strategic Relations

The Knowledge & Strategic Relations team is responsible for knowledge development, external positioning, and organization-wide fundraising. Being practitioners, it is important to be able to apply our approach in different political contexts and to continuously learn and increase the impact of our work. The Knowledge & Strategic Relations team supports this by expanding the NIMD knowledge base, developing tools, piloting innovative political party assistance approaches, and communicating this to NIMD's stakeholders. This team is managed by Wouter Dol.

Team leader:

Head of Team Knowledge & Strategic Relations
Knowledge Development Advisor
Innovation Advisor
Communications Advisor
Knowledge Development Advisor
Programme Development/Strategic Relations
Knowledge & Innovation Officer

Team Finance & Support

The Finance & Support team ensures internal control, risk management, and quality processes, and is responsible for the financial accountability of NIMD. The team is also responsible for Human Resources and Office Facility Management. This team is managed by Miranda Buitelaar.

Finance and control:

Juriaan Brouwer
Financial Programme Officer
Financial Programme Officer


HR Advisor
Office Manager
Quality Manager
Office Manager

Country office directors and representatives

Ligia Blanco
Executive Director NIMD Guatemala
Miguel Calix
Executive Director NIMD Honduras
Executive Director NIMD Uganda
Patricia Navarro
Executive Director NIMD El Salvador
Cristhian Parreño
Executive Director NIMD Ecuador
Angela Rodriguez
Executive Director NIMD Colombia
Representative NIMD/Demo Finland Myanmar
Josiane Foundohou
Representative AWEPA Benin

External senior advisors

Senior Political Advisor on European Neighborhood and EU affairs
Shaun Mackay
Senior Advisor
Augustin Cissé
Senior Advisor
Eugène van Kemenade
Senior Advisor