NIMD is a global organization. We work in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, the MENA region and the Eastern European Neighbourhood. Our approach is inclusive: together with our local partner, we work with all the political parties in the country. In addition to strengthening the capacities of the parties and conveying democratic skills and values, we actively promote collaboration between them. In each country, the programme focus can differ depending on the local context.

Current Country Programmes & Projects

NIMD currently runs programmes in 20 countries around the world. See the map for a complete overview.

Potential Country Programmes

At the moment, NIMD is exploring programme opportunities in a number of countries. Occasionally, we are approached by members of our network to start new programmes. In some cases, we take the initiative ourselves. New programmes always start with an exploration phase. This phase involves a scoping mission, where NIMD Programme Managers visit the country in order to gather information and obtain a deeper understanding of the political system in the country.


Past Country Programmes

In the early 1990s, South Africa became NIMD’s first country programme. After receiving positive responses from both the South African political parties and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Dutch political parties established NIMD. Since its inception, NIMD has worked in 27 countries.


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