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The Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) is a democracy assistance organization that supports political parties in developing democracies. Our approach is characterized by interparty dialogue: we bring parties together and encourage them to cooperate on political issues. This is crucial to establish the right environment for a country’s democratic development.

Furthermore, we assist political parties to become more responsive and policy-focused. We do this by strengthening the programmatic and organizational capacity of the parties. Special attention is paid to empowering members of marginalized groups.

To foster the democratic culture in a country, NIMD also provides political education programmes for (aspiring) politicians. These programmes focus on democratic values, knowledge and skills.

In general, politicians are much more interested in learning from fellow politicians than from project managers and consultants. Therefore, in all our programmes, we actively stimulate knowledge sharing between politicians by organizing international exchanges and networking events.

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NIMD works with local partner organizations or country offices. They have knowledge of the people and the political culture of the country and are perceived as trustworthy by the politicians. This allows them to advise and bring politicians together.

Over the years we have built strong relations with our partners. They are pivotal in our network, linking NIMD’s worldwide expertise and resources to local activities as well as creating impact on the ground.

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Our Principles

NIMD was founded in 2000 by 7 Dutch political parties. This multiparty identity provides us with the legitimacy and unique opportunity to work on an impartial basis with all political parties in a country and encourage dialogue between them. Our work is guided by five principles that reflect both our own multiparty identity and the role we play as an experienced democracy assistance organization.

Our approach is non-partisan. We are not affliated with any specific political denomination and work impartially with all parties across the political spectrum.

We provide a platform for discussion for both ruling and opposition parties. All parties take part in the dialogue on issues of national interest with an equal voice.

We encourage the equal participation and representation of marginalized groups. We empower representatives of these groups to take part in the policy-making process.

We work with our partners on an equal basis. Our programmes are locally set and reflect local demands.

Political transformation, building trust and strengthening political parties takes time. Therefore, we invest in long-lasting relationships with our local partners and political parties.


In every country the political system, the actors and the political culture differ. Therefore, NIMD always starts with an in-depth political analysis of the country and uses that to develop tailor-made activities. Through these activities we seek to bring about change on political system, actor and culture level.


Based in the Netherlands, NIMD works in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. Currently, we run programmes in more than 20 countries. In these countries we work inclusively with all parties. We engage in long-term partnerships with them and support their home grown agendas. The country programmes are at the heart of NIMD’s work. We are convinced that real change can only be realized and sustained through country programmes. But countries do not operate in a vacuum. Therefore, we also incorporate regional trends and cross-border themes in our programmes.

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